5KB Fun Times!!

5KB Class Dinner. Who has eaten all their dinner? Who is still eating?? Post a comment about our class dinner. What did you enjoy? What would you like to do next?



Hi Everyone! 

Tell us about your holidays. What have you done? What was good. Reply to someone who has done the same as you.  Remember to address the person first…”Hi BJ…” If it is to everyone…”Hi everyone…”, etc. Have fun!


New Zealand Team

Hi to the team in New Zealand!

Let us know how you are doing.

To the rest of 5KB back at school, say Hi and let them know what we are doing this week.


Camp Rumbug

What did you think about Camp Rumbug? What was your favourite activity? How were the meals? How was your cabin? What did you think of the concert? What was your favourite act? What was the scariest thing you did? What did you feel you achieved at camp?

39 thoughts on “5KB Fun Times!!

  1. I was not there at the class dinner but I think it would have been great. In the end of term three we could have a game day. We could all bring 1 game to school and play and then we can also play maths games like 100 or bust. We could also play Get- It-Wrong and The Sentence.

  2. I came to the class dinner and it was awesome! PP and I were the only girls in our class. You may think SC came, but she was there to dine with her family, a coincidence! Building on HSG’s idea, we could have a game every last day of the semester and play GET-IT-WRONG and THE SENTENCE. With maths games, we could play maths wars, with the grenades, bow and arrows and shields if you answer a question correctly.

  3. I wasn’t at the class dinner but I think that we should have a class movie where all the Year 5s come together at the cinemas to watch a movie.

  4. I wasn’t there for the class dinner, but it sounded like it was fun! Building on what AR said, we could have a class party. But not with all the classes. Maybe just ours.

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! I’ll pass these suggestions on to my Mum HN.
    Don’t forget the next one. I hope you can all make it!

  6. It is sad that it is the end of term 2 🙁 so I was thinking we could have a party at Skaterz because who doesn’t like a good old skate?

  7. Hey everyone, I would like to say that two people will be coming to play over at my house and it will be awesome and they will get to see my CAT 🙂 !

  8. I hope everyone can go to boune. I know it will be great and we will all make it. I also like the idea that A.R and A.H replied. I hope everyone comes.

  9. Hey guys, I was at the class party and it was awesome. I remember all the games that we played like hide and seek but in my point of view, the food was probably the best. I think that the next class party should be at Skaterz because most year 5s like skating and that is why we have done it every other year. For the holidays, I am going and I’ll definitely have lots of play dates and definitely see some movies.

  10. On the holidays I went to the snow. It was fun! I liked how difficult the runs were because I have experienced what it is like to ski in the snow.I am determined I can do terrains and hard runs.I am also a little bit advanced in jumps.I like going high in the air.

  11. The Wakakirri people have their concert this week and I just can’t wait but I’m sad that we will be missing at school for a whole day 🙁

  12. I heard the Wakakirri performance was amazing AND you got a public speaking award, that is awesome!
    I have another brilliant idea! To get our class reunited, we can play games to get money for our companies at the end of the year!

  13. Hey fellow bloggers! Especially NZ bloggers. So good to hear from you. We are busily working at school while you are busily working in New Zealand. Glad to hear you are having such a great time. I can only imagine YY in the ice cold water!!!

  14. Can’t wait till you guys come back then the whole class will be back together. 🙂
    I hope you are having a blast. When you come back it will be a lot different in the class. Just letting you know. Wish you guys all the best. Make sure you go on the NZ blog because we have sent a few things.

  15. Hi AHP and people from Serpell! When I went over to Melbourne I had such a fun time in your class, even though it was very different.Thank you 5KB for giving me a good experience in Melbourne and in the classroom.

    I wish there wasn’t a lot of mud but lucky now it is over. But the best thing I enjoyed about camp was ABSEILING. It was scary climbing up the ladder but when you go down it is the best. After you did it you feel like you can do anything. Camp Rumbug was great!

  17. I loved Camp Rumbug as well!
    I think my favourite act was The 5 Players, because it was sooooo funny! I liked your story-telling Ms B!

  18. 3 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS.I can’t wait; all the presents and food, yummy. But I got two of the best Christmas presents I could ever have: a great 5KB class and a new pup, but both of them are great. Hopefully people can come see my Christmas display. It has the song LET IT GO and DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN and other Christmas songs. Well everyone have a merry Christmas and a special new year.

  19. Happy New Year everyone!
    2015 already I can’t believe we will be in year 6 so soon. I am like so nervous. I hope everyone got a great year 6 teacher. I know I did. Have a great holiday.

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