In our Philosophy sessions we are looking at the quotes from

Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll.

Post a comment on your thoughts on this quote:

I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

What do you think it means? Can you justify your ideas? Can you give examples to back up your ideas? Can you build on someone else’s ideas? Remember to address the person by their initials –

eg. “Hi, RD. Building on your ideas of … ” or …

“I agree with you, RD. Building on your ideas …”

New Big Idea:

What is a mind??

We recently read and discussed: “Miss Lily’s Fabulous Pink Feather Boa“. We discussed many ideas from the story and, in particular, our BIG IDEA:

Is it ever OK to steal?

What are your thoughts and feelings?

We had a very interesting discussion on the following sentence.

Your mother sends you to the shop and you keep some of the change.

What are your thoughts? Is this stealing? Is it OK?

17 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. I believe it means that he was a different person then because maybe today, his/her brain is more intelligent now because today he/she learnt something which they didn’t know yesterday.
    Also because you can’t literally go back a day, but you can look back a day.

  2. It might mean that yesterday he was a bad person and then the next day he was good and he wanted to go back to yesterday to change it but he can’t.

  3. You can’t go back to yesterday of course and you might have done something wrong the other day because an incident occurred(you might have been a bad person then)

  4. I think it means that he/she was always brave when they were younger but after something happened they changed and they can’t go back to how they were.

  5. I think that it means that yesterday he/she may have some regrets for what he/she may have done.

    This person might want to move on to the next day to make changes in their life to become a different person. Maybe a better person?

  6. I think it means he/she was a bad or better person than they were today and he/she can’t go back in the past ( because there is no time machines )and can’t become that person in the past from the present.

  7. I personally think that the statement above means that they might’ve seen something that has changed them, not physically but changed a skill, and they can’t change back just like CC said.

  8. I agree with LM. I think it means that they were brave to do it but when something happened they can’t change it back.

  9. I think a mind is the ability for a living thing to be aware of the world , to think, and to feel. In other words, the faculty of consciousness and thought.

  10. I think a mind is something where your thoughts and ideas are stored. We use it to help us think sometimes. It is like a brain.

  11. I agree with AR. I think a mind is where you place your old thoughts and think your new thoughts. Also, I agree with LL, saying that your mind is the ability to have consciousness.

  12. I believe the mind lies deep within our head and works together with our brain. It allows us to think, feel, make judgements and remember.

  13. I think that we would have no creativity or thought if we didn’t have a mind because I believe that our brain controls what people see about us but our mind controls the inside of us.

  14. That means I kind of disagree with NTN because I think our mind controls something other than our brain. But I agree with NTN because I also think it is inside our head.

  15. I think this situation is in the middle of stealing and not stealing because she has never said anything about the change and you could always return it back but it is your mother’s hard work to earn that money by saving up and doing extra work, so I think it is in the middle.

  16. Now I am not sure because it depends how much you got and it doesn’t say so really it is not stealing for me. I also agree with NW, because if your mum had done a lot of work to earn that money then it is stealing. I am not really sure. 😐

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