Year 5 in Reflection

Reflections of 5KB in 2014!

Post a comment on what you have enjoyed most about 2014 in year 5.

What did you enjoy in particular about our year together in 5KB?

What did you participate in this year that was the most memorable in Year 5 outside of our classroom?

5 thoughts on “Year 5 in Reflection

  1. Thank you for a lovely year.:) but I am sad that there is only 2 weeks left till we are on holidays I am crying right now. Hopefully Miss B had a great time with the 2014 KB BABIES. Once a KB baby always a KB baby.

  2. Thanks to all the Year 5KB students. You are the BEST! I have had a great time this year. You have all worked so hard and done such a fabulous job. I have seen so much progress in all that you have done. I can’t believe how much more you have to say and so many great thoughts and ideas in our Philosophy and Public Speaking sessions. Well done, everyone! You write such great things and your reading has grown so much. REMEMBER: You need to keep reading to stay good at it. AND: Listen to yourself read and ask yourself questions and make predictions about your reading. Thanks for being such a great grade. I hope you have all enjoyed the companies and our share exchange. Good luck for 2015 and don’t forget to visit!! Have a great holiday!
    Miss B

  3. Don’t worry Miss B we will never forget our companies, our shares and YOU. The year 6 will never be the same with out the 5KB class and Miss B. I had an amazing experiences with the 5KB baby class.

  4. First day on school holidays, CC and AR are coming to my house today to see my new pup. I got him yesterday after school, once I saw him I started crying because I never thought I would get another dog.His name is MAXIMUS from the Disney movie Tangled.

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